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Why Essential Oils?

Why Essential Oils?

I feel like this is a question I want to answer because if you are open to it, essential oils can and will change your life for the better. They are natural and work beautifully with our bodies. So what if they are natural? Well the thing is, that they can actually communicate with your cells in a way that so many of the synthetic options & “quick fixes” simply cannot. My favourite way to explain it, is that essential oils won’t heal/fix/magical fairy dust you… but they will help support your body in doing exactly what it is supposed to do! They powerfully and wonderfully help support your body in all the many functions it is designed to perform.

Reduce Your Toxic Load:

What does that even mean? Well your toxic load is the amount of toxins introduced to your body through air pollution, the water you drink, food you eat, the products you use in your house & apply to your skin. There are some things you cannot control, but many that you can. So WHY do you want to do this? Sure your bleach based toilet cleaner might work well, but it is also terrible for you lungs, and probably gives you a headache. The important part about reducing your toxic load is it reduces the amount of work your body is doing in damage control mode and allows it to function at a more optimal level.  Global news has a decently comprehensive article here.

My “AHA” Moment:

… Well one of so many “AHA” moments, but this was my first where things really started to click for me. I have always leaned towards natural, but often felt overwhelmed by the prospect of figuring it all out. I would often just use whatever was on the shelf at the grocery store which in many cases were toxic, even if they were “green washed”. Shortly after I had my first son, he was napping and I was scrubbing away in my shower with the window open and fan on. I was  feeling light headed and gross from the harsh chemicals and it suddenly dawned on me… Of course I wouldn’t expose my baby to this stuff – but WHY am I exposing myself to it?!

That started my quest towards eliminating the toxins I could control in our lives and not long after essential oils became a solution for just about every problem we came across.

Using essential oils, for better health

Side Benefits, Not Side Effects:

This is one of the best things about essential oils, in my opinion. When using them properly, you will not experience any negative side effects, but you can count on side benefits. If you cooked fish for dinner and you want to eliminate odors in the air you pop some citrus oils in the diffuser. Not only will your home smell better shortly, but you will probably be surrounded by a happier bunch of people as they benefit from the uplifting properties that citrus oils offer.  Perhaps you love the anti-aging effects of Frankincense and apply it to your skin every morning, it will also be going to work boosting your immune system, focus and an all around grounding effect. I think you get the idea, they are awesome!

What About Cost?

I have heard many times that high quality essential oils are EXPENSIVE, but that is simply not true! They are so versatile that they will easily, effectively and economically replace many other household items. There is an investment upfront, but they will save you money as you integrate them into your lives. For my family it is simply a re-allocation of funds, and one I have never regretted. The price per drop ranges from about $0.06/drop up to $2.11/drop for the most precious and expensive oil, but most are less than $0.30/ drop! The bottle sizes available from Doterra are 5ml (approx 85 drops) and 15ml (approx 250 drops!). With essential oils, less is more and a little goes a long way, they are a great economical & HEALTHY option!

Be A Solutions Provider in YOUR Home:

If I had to pick one word to explain how essential oils has changed my experience, it would be EMPOWERED. With a community around me for support, education & to bounce ideas off of, and my own little stash of oils and 1 resource book, my life was changed. Really and truly, changed.

I am not saying essential oils are a replacement for proper medical attention when needed. I think that as a society we are becoming over medicated and are often left out of the decision making process. Using essential oils proactively will not only provide you with preventative healthcare, they give you OPTIONS and power back.

A Note on Safety:

I won’t go into great detail right now, but given the nature and potency of high quality essential oils, safety is important. When you get started with me as your guide, you will be given all the resources, community support and mentoring you need to feel 100% confident and safe using your oils.

A Few (of countless) Ways to Use Essential Oils:

Stress management, immune boosting, mood lifting, better sleep, pain management, help for digestive issues, skin issues, promote a healthy cellular response, personal care, oral health and so many more. I use them daily on my kids as well: teething, calming, tummy troubles, keeping healthy, mood support, behavior issues, growing pains, to treat owies, and so on! (You can get my FREE kid’s recipe sheet here!)

Why I Chose Doterra Essential Oils:

Doterra stands apart to me because they hold themselves to a strict quality and purity standard. That is HUGE in an industry that is largely unregulated. There are a lot of synthetic, low quality and adulterated oils labeled 100% pure, organic etc. The other most important things to me are sourcing and ethics. There is tireless effort going into sustainable sourcing.  Doterra will even drop popular oils in order to replace with a different oil with a more sustainable source.

Ethical & fair pay for the farmers/harvesters/distillers they partner with, which is close to my heart, they aim to positively impact everyone in their supply chain. Doterra also puts money, education and other needed resources into the communities the workers live in. They aim to make much more than just a positive economical impact. You can learn more about their sourcing, testing and more here.

Now What?:

Are you drawn to having essential oils in your home? You can get your starter kit online here, or if you would like to chat more with me, let’s set up a time, just send me a quick note using the form below! You can also get a FREE guide with diffuser blends that are totally kid safe here, or digestion here.

Do you love the idea of using some essential oils, but you aren’t ready to jump in all the way? I have options for that too, if you would rather have me create some signature blends for you, check out this page and we can get started.

If you have found this info helpful, please share! Tag a friend, pin it, share on FB, whatever way you prefer to share!

why essential oils?

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