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What is a Doterra Wholesale Membership

What is a Doterra Wholesale Membership?

(and more importantly for some, what it isn’t!)

Okay, let me break this down for you in the simplest form possible! 

Wholesale Membership:

What is IS:

+ 25% discount on all Doterra products (up to 55% with perks from the monthly ordering program!) 
+ Access to exclusive community resources and support (and it is blissfully endless!)
+ Access to monthly ordering program & associated perks (optional)
+ Reimbursed Shipping
+ Access to Monthly Promotions
+ Opportunity to earn free products
+ The start of a journey to better health, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. 
+ Opportunity to earn income (totally, completely, 100% optional!)
+ Voting with your dollars for:
               – ethical trading practices that include fair pay
               – a commitment to sustainable sourcing
               – obsessive quality standards
               – resources being poured into furthering the science behind essential oils.

What it ISN’T:

+ A trick to get you to sell the oils
+ A pyramid scheme (eye roll, those are illegal)
+ A subscription – you are in control of how often, and the value of what you order. 

How to set up your wholesale membership: 

👉  Click here

👉  Choose the Wholesale Customer option to purchase Doterra at 25% off for a full year whenever you want to shop. (I recommend you start as a customer even if you plan to build a business as a wellness advocate down the road.) The Enroller + Sponsor ID box should already be filled for you but if it isn’t, enter 2712681 in the box, Tanitha Rempel will appear. 

👉  Fill in your personal info.

👉  Choose whichever starter kit you think will best serve your home (the Home Essentials or Nature’s Solutions are the most popular, if you want to chat more before you choose just shoot me a message). You can add any additional items at the 25% off price to your cart. (Here are the Canadian and US kits) If you’d prefer to create your own kit, just add the $35US/$42CDN Intro Booklet from the kit screen and then add whatever items you want to start with to your cart and they will be at the 25% off price. (Note – the $35/$42 fee is waived when you choose one of doTERRA’s pre-bundled kits)

👉 Finalize your shipping and payment options.  Click “Process Order Now & Continue”

On the very last screen – it will ask you if you’d like to join the monthly Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP). This is an optional program – and it’s awesome!! You customize what goes in your order each month and it arrives on your doorstep. If you aren’t sure if this is the best option for you, we can chat more about it on our welcome call!

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