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Weird (non) Work Days

It’s been a weird day. I feel like I was just getting back into the swing of working when I stopped working – and by working I am referring to my paying job. I was acutely aware all day today that I should have been at work, even though I shouldn’t have been. I have taken a step back to casual from two days each week after a month back from maternity leave. I made this choice for lots of reasons but essentially childcare (or lack of) and barely bringing anything home when it was all said and done were the major factors. If I’m barely making anything doing something I am less than passionate about – I’d rather find ways to mostly be a work-at-home-mom for now, especially with all the changes in our lives lately including my hubby Bryn now being self-employed which means an all over the map and fairly unpredictable schedule.

Our work lives have changed drastically in the past couple of months not to mention all the work our energetic little bundle takes as well!

It feels like I’ve had a job forever, which isn’t quite accurate but very close to at least half my life so far, and definitely all of my adult life… so while technically I am still a casual employee all that means is I will work the odd day if I can when (and if) they call. I’m a bit worried about this new chapter.

Here’s why:

  • I’m not a routine person.
  • I am not a creature of habit or structure (in most ways).
  • I would like to think what money I do (or don’t) make doesn’t define me or give me value – but I am freaking out a little inside (and now publicly) about the fact that I will not be bringing in much (for now).
  • I am a master procrastinator, which equals me being adequate but maybe more often than not sub par in the all things domestic department.


Weird Work Days - Back to work then back home again after mat leave - my plan to get more organized in this unstructured life.


So because of above said reasons I really feel like I somehow need to add some structure and routine into my life. I once was only working part-time during a semester break from school and the lack of somewhere to be and something to do was not great for me…

But now that I am trying to do more ‘adulting’ (hahaha, I just love that term) while also entertaining, loving, caring for, chasing, wrangling and feeding my one year old I feel like some habits or structure or routine are going to be key. I get out with the little one to a decent amount of activities, play groups, music class, having another little one for the day on Fridays but I need to keep myself on track, productive and stimulated too.

So I’m attempting to switch things up a little, I mean I’ve made two super awesome meals two nights in a row – and there is bone broth being created in my slow cooker at the moment. BAM. I’ve also started flossing every night (sorry that might be gross for you super hygienic healthy mouth people that I wasn’t doing this already but I never seem to stick with flossing because routines don’t seem to be my thing – and genetics seem to be on my side in the teeth department). I’ve had the speech from dentists several times but this time he sufficiently grossed me out with talk of bacteria in my blood to motivate me to get with the program and floss. Every. Night.

I went to yoga last week for the first time in years, I love yoga and periodically do it via a youtube video from home but it just isn’t the same as ‘sharing your practice’… Which for me feels more like I am leaching other people’s practice – but I digress. Monday nights are going to be my night to get out do something I can’t do with my little one. So yoga, maybe a pedicure, maybe I will swim? Maybe just a solo walk or jog but I’m doing it!

Here are a few goals I would like to share that I think will help me be more productive:

Weird (non) Work Days

Meal Planning – I’ve done this before and it is for sure a money and time saver, and generally means healthier more nutritious meals

Netflix Strike – bahahaha, just kidding! BUT I am going to resist the urge to sit down and binge on Scandal the moment H goes down for a nap. And eat. That’s a whole other issue for me being at home, however I know from experience that if I just commit to 20minutes of productivity when nap time starts I get so much done! And usually once I’m in the zone I want to keep going and don’t end up over eating or over watching either.

Move it Move it – this one I go through stages of being so in the zone, then all of a sudden a week passes and I haven’t even been for a walk. So if I set the bar low – and even commit to at least ten minutes a day I will do well. Plus much like cleaning and tidying etc once ten minutes passes I will probably keep going.

Back on a strict cash budget  – given my background in Finance and a genuine interest in personal finance this should be something I am already doing. I want to pay more attention to things like flyers and if it means hitting up all three local grocery stores, that’s what I will do. Bryn and I have gone through a few phases where we stick to a strict cash budget and not only does it eliminate stress – we save a whole pile more money. So even if I will be contributing less financially I can make up money in this way. …(and I know you can’t put a price on taking care of your own kids – and I do know that my value has nothing to with $ but the financial impact of our current situation is still something to consider).

I love that I am getting to spend extra time with our little one and I am excited to work on my blog, and I will be even more excited if I can actually get our household in better order than ever!

What do you working parents, stay at home parents and work at home parents do to stay on track? Like comment and share below!

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  1. Sara Paley

    November 12, 2015 at 12:58 pm

    I liked reading this. I’m a full time mom and part time photographer. My housework is all over the place, haha. I’ll put all the clean clothes away eventually. I like your goals!

    1. Tanitha

      November 12, 2015 at 1:06 pm

      Haha yes, my motto since having my son has been as long as we have cleanish clothes and some sort of food it’s all good, but the clutter is reeeally starting to get out of control and I feel like I need to get a bit better ;)

  2. Janette

    November 16, 2015 at 11:49 pm

    My shirt still has icing on it from the birthday party on Sunday, I’m ok with it and yes I did go out today lol! My work pants are my sweats and I am soo done adulting! Great way to get to know you more! Love the post!

    1. Tanitha

      November 17, 2015 at 2:32 pm

      This actually made me laugh out loud, love it! Thanks so much :)

  3. Helisa

    November 18, 2015 at 2:26 am

    I’ve been at home with the kids for 10 years now (ohmyfreakinggod that made me sound old!) and the little man starts school next year. I have CRAVED work and routine (enforced by work lol because I suck at it) and sdulting with fellow adults, even if I am just serving them coffee, but now, in fall 2016 I’ll be free (kinda) to work. An it terrifies me!!

    Also, I think we could be great friends and talk about how much laundry we didn’t get done and the kids having PB&J for dinner because we didn’t want to cook/forgot to take something out of the freezer/got sucked into a blog

    1. Tanitha

      November 18, 2015 at 7:26 am

      It does sound like we’d be great friends! I hope I can create a bit of routine for myself, but more likely it will be sandwiches for dinner and forgotten laundry ;) Thanks for reading Helisa!

      1. Tanitha

        November 18, 2015 at 10:24 am

        Thanks Missy! I loved your post about trying cross fit!

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