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Peeking Out from Behind my Blogging Hiatus…

Since it has been a while I should begin with, Hello!

There are a few reasons I decided to take a break and to be honest it started accidentally and continued on purpose! Life is busy and full and stressful at times and I just didn’t make it a priority! I needed a break to re-assess. I’ve seen that quote on several instagram accounts lately floating around about (and I’m going to paraphrase here so don’t quote me) just saying something isn’t a priority right now rather than I don’t have time and see how that feels. So here I am admitting that I have the same 24 hours in the day as all the amazingly productive and consistent Mama Bloggers out there and I just haven’t been using those hours to spend on my blog. Is that okay? Yes.

Something I read a lot about when I was getting ready to launch my blog was “new blogger burnout” and also high stats on new blogs not making it past the three month mark and if you make it past three months, chances are you won’t make it past six – crazy! I can totally see why now – the truth is that blogging is really fun and a wonderful outlet but also that they can be a whole pile of work, the social media and numbers can be overwhelming and it all can be super time consuming depending on your style, subject and how often you post. I was finding even posts that flowed easily out of me would take me hours (like 4+ at least) until I was satisfied enough to post them between re-wording and figuring out photos (and photography is not a strength for me yet), and then spending an hour on even the most simple graphic, basically felt like a chore that is not my intention for this blog.

It’s been weird at times beginning blogging, some things feel a bit like high school and I will say that I have not had any negative experiences, just my own insecurities, not quite being as cool as the super awesome Vancouver blogger circle and silly issues spending way too much time checking my stats and page views rather than finding ways to offer value and connect. SO I am over all of that now – it is out of my system, I have been loving instagram even more lately and realized how much truth there is in that old quote about not comparing your first chapter to someone else’s 12th, or 200th for that matter – duh. Also realizing that I don’t love Twitter so maybe that means that I just don’t really use it – who cares? This is my blog and why not run it accordingly since I get to be my own boss in this scenario – I might as well be a cool boss that doesn’t make me do stuff I don’t want to… I admit this post is getting weird but I shall proceed anyway.

I just made it past the 6 month mark a few days ago (if the last month of not posting on the blo counts teehee) and the break I took made it clear that I do want to keep blogging, just that I need to adjust my expectations of what that looks like for me! So maybe that means not spending an hour (in the middle of the night often) being a weird finicky perfectionist because that is sooo not me in real life!

I am turning 30 this year and have spent a lot of time thinking about how I want my life to look going forward I have been spending a lot of time trying to work on myself and develop and figure out both my strengths and weaknesses. I have also been working on self-care and learning to let go of things that cause unnecessary stress and take away from quality time with my family because that is just plain the stage I am in and I want to be as present and healthy as possible in that!

So this is me, peeking out from behind my blog break, super happy to be back! I’m going to go set a 20 minute timer and not spend a second longer making  title graphic, cool? Cool! See you sooner next time & thanks for popping back in to check out my blog again!

xo Tani

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