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Part Two – 3 Easy Nursery DIYs Under $10

Here is a super fast and super easy to make a lovely personalized addition to your nursery, or kids room, or even for a living room! You can use the initial of the first or last name – I love the idea of the last name letter for newly weds! I love the diversity, your options are truly endless and with a quick swap of the paper behind the letter you have a brand new look to get mileage out of! I made this for my son’s nursery and since then also made one for my niece and included three options for the background because options are a girls best friend. Right?!

Paper Background options



All of these supplies can be found at the dollar store, even the frame. If you have an exact frame that you want to do this with not found at the dollar store I will admit this project will probably cost more than $10, but not much more!

  • Picture frame of choice
  • Scrap book paper – some other options, especially if you have a rustic look going on in your nursery (drool!) would be brown packing paper or even burlap.
  • A paper cutter – my new favourite thing since I can’t cut in a straight line very well. Scissors and a measuring tape or ruler will work too of course!
  • Acrylic Paint in your colour of choice. (Optional – you could leave the wood raw if that is more the look you are going for, or even stain it!)
  • Paint Brush
  • A wooden letter
  • Double sided tape or crazy glue. I cannot be left unsupervised around crazy glue – bad things surely will happen, so I opted for double sided tape. You could also use a hot glue gun depending on the picture frame, mine had plastic rather than glass so hot glue seemed like a bad choice…

Imaginary Sails - Framed Letter Easy DIY Supplies



First cover the surface you are painting on. Paint or stain the letter and leave to dry – probably at least an hour.

While the letter is drying measure the size of the frame and cut  the scrap book paper accordingly using your scissors or paper cutter. I did four options so in the future I would already have some options I loved, I also would do this if it is a gift because it’s awesome.

Insert paper into your frame, and tape in place if necessary, replace backing onto the picture frame.

Once the letter is dry, attach it to the OUTSIDE of the glass or plastic of your picture frame, this way you can change out the scrap book paper behind it as often as you want with no fuss, I have seen a similar project where the letter was fastened to the paper but what fun is that?

That’s it! Now hang it up where you’d love to see it or wrap it up for the lucky recipient!
Imaginary Sails - EASY nursery DIY

If you haven’t seen it yet, the first part of this series can be found here.

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