Imaginary Sails

Part One – 3 Adorable Nursery DIYs Under $10

Okay, it might be early to pull this out of the hat because it might just be my best DIY project ever and I only have, like, three ;). Alright I have more than three (probably) but anyways I am off track two sentences in.

I love how easy, diverse, fast and cheap this is. I did this project when I was getting my son’s nursery ready, so I did it in the colour theme I had going for his room but the possibilities are endless. Not only can you use these for a quick decor update in any room, you could do seasonal colours or holiday colours and you can use different sizes of canvas, different widths of painters tape and with no artistic talent necessary, (that’s my jam) you can create a great piece.


I bought all of these at the dollar store, if there is one thing I would perhaps buy at a craft store it would be the paint brushes – I lucked out finding decent ones at the dollar store this time but sometimes the only ones you can find there aren’t worth the savings.


Acrylic Paint

Painters Tape (thick for bigger canvas, narrow for the little ones)


Paint Pallet (or a plate!)


Use the painters tape to create the desired pattern, the options are endless! Here are some examples of the ones I did:

Imaginary Sails - tape off & paint canvas - yellow!
yellow and blue small canvas

You can be as creative or as straightforward as you would like! Some other ideas: if your child (or whoever you are making it for) has a curve-less first initial you can make the letter with tape and paint around it.

Make sure you press the tape down firmly to avoid the paint bleeding under the tape (as you can see above mine did a little), if it does it still looks great from a distance but not as sharp up close. I also wrap it around the back a bit so you don’t have to worry about colours running together.

Taped Canvas

Back of taped canvas

Once you are satisfied with your design it is time to paint! Acrylic is super easy to work with and one coat is usually sufficient. It also dries quickly which is a bonus. Once the paint is dry to the touch, (which I found took an hour tops – this may vary), you can peel off the paint and check out your handy work!

If you you want to add an additional layer with a metallic or sparkly paint I would recommend waiting until the following day if you will be taping again, but if you are doing an all over coat you can go for it at this point.

I hope you love the final product as much as I did!

Imaginary Sails- bigger canvas easy DIY

Tune back in for the next up in this series: Framed Letter.

H Framed




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  1. Amanda

    September 21, 2015 at 9:00 pm

    Oh my gosh. Your first photo looks like my sons’ wall! I linked directly to the post with my comment, if you’re interested. My first reaction was, “Did she follow my post and do this!” Anyway, these are AWESOME. We decorated my daughter’s nursery that is still hardly used and she’s 1 and a half.

    1. Tanitha

      September 21, 2015 at 9:07 pm

      Oh my goodness that wall is amazing! I haven’t seen your post before but I loved checking it out & think it is brilliant as a whole wall – nice work!

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