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Local Wanders: Pemberton


Oh Pemberton, it holds a very special place in my heart simply for the reason that it was here I laid eyes on my hubby for the first time in years which led to some extremely awkward non dates which led to real dates, falling in love and getting married – in Pemberton. Ah sweet sweet love! But alas this post is not about our pretty awesome love story but rather about Pemberton, or also affectionately known as Pemby. Look, the fungus even grows in a heart shape!!!

I love the idea of setting out somewhere familiar with the intent of enjoying it like you are just passing through and trying to take in all of its wonder as if you won’t see it again and I don’t do it nearly enough but today I did!

Local Wanders: Pemberton BC

Bryn’s parents live in Pemberton so we are up here a fair bit, but to be honest we usually settle in at their place and barely leave (something about it just feels like a retreat). But when we do that I always feel like I’ve missed out on something as we drive away because it is just so gorgeous and there are some many great spots to check out. It is a haven/heaven for outdoor enthusiasts from mountain bikers to sledders (not to be mistaken with toboggans, like snow mobiles), not to mention back country skiing and snowboarding.

At this stage in life we really aren’t any of those things, so I can’t give you the inside scoop on any secret spots but I can share some great places you should check out if you are in the area. Speaking of which Pemberton is a mere 30 minutes (or less depending on who is driving) from the famous Whistler.

Easy Family Friendly Walks

Two easily accessible and family friendly walks are One Mile Lake and Narin Falls. You can’t miss either of them if you are headed to Pemberton from Whistler.

Local Wanders: Pemberton @ One Mile Lake

Narin Falls is a fairly easy and super beautiful 1.5km walk along the Green River to a great view point for the falls. You can see more info about the park and campground on the BC Parks website here. I’ve seen families with kids of all ages on the trail right up to elderly people with canes just taking it easy down the trail! I haven’t taken or seen any strollers, I would recommend a carrier if you have little ones that can’t walk it (or at least at a reasonable pace – you know what I mean if you’ve tried to get a toddler to go the direction you want them to while also not stopping every three seconds).

Local Wanders: Pemberton BC Beautiful Forest Trails

Fun fact! There is a trail that actually goes from Narin Falls to One Mile Lake which is right in Pemberton, also very easy to drive to.  One Mile lake has a great loop trail around it which consists of some Boardwalk and some forest trail all right along the lake. It is absolutely gorgeous 100% stroller friendly and it’s nice to have the option to keep doing loops or just do one loop if you have a restless little one. There are also work out stations which are handy so you can do more of a fully body work out without having to think – I am a fan of not having to think.

Local Wanders: Pemberton BC

Good Eats

Now for the tasty part – my favourite place to eat in Pemby by far is the Mile One Eating House – their food, service, and atmosphere is phenomenal and family friendly. Their range of mac & cheese options (all delicious) will make your heart happy, my brother in law is a huge fan of their hot dogs, my hubby has tried many of their bigger entre type dishes and has never been disappointed and their salad is awesome too – you seriously cannot go wrong with the food there. There are some other great places to eat as well but for someone who used to be in the service industry consistently on the ball service and great food will always trump great food and service that can be great but isn’t always.

Pemberton BC Snow Capped Mountains

My favourite cup of coffee can be found at Mount Currie Coffee Company they have a location in Pemberton as well as Whistler & feature local artists on their walls which is awesome! The absolutely very best baking is at Blackbird Bakery (they have great coffee too!). Blackbird also is in a pretty sweet location, they’ve made their home in the old railway station which is pretty cool. For an amazing view of Mount Currie and great food the Big Sky golf course is your place! There’s some cute shops to peruse in town too and some great farm stands, but to be honest I’m no authority on those because we’re usually “busy” being homebodies.

Local Wanders: Pemberton- fireside

Pemberton is awesome and should definitely be on your to see list! It is all gorgeous mountains and a beautiful valley and as many or as few activities as you want! Keep it in mind next time you are headed to Whistler it’s definitely well worth the short drive from there!

Making Memories

I love getting out somewhere familiar and trying to see it in a different light and I look forward to doing more of these “Local Wander” posts in the new year! There are so many awesome places near where we live that we haven’t properly explored yet. Travel is travel in my books and is so enriching in lots of different ways!


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