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HouseBox Review - A great Subscription Box

House Box: A Subscription Box I Could Get In To!

House Box: A great solution for Canadian Homes!

I don’t know if you have noticed the trend but subscription boxes are big right now & I totally understand why. However, up until this point I hadn’t seen one that I thought I would really want to commit to that wouldn’t just add to the clutter of my closet, my desk, my house…

House Box is different & such a great idea, I absolutely love that the focus is household products, the products are mostly consumable and therefore because you will use them up, they won’t add clutter! I love this quote from the website and couldn’t put it better myself:

“We wanted to provide a service to customers who care about having safe, natural and lovely products in their home, and to companies who have not yet reached all Canadians with their product offerings.”

It’s a beautiful plan, matching Canadians up with unique products, and matching up these lesser known companies with their potential customers, seems like the perfect match to me! I think most people in general and definitely parents do not always take the time to find products that they absolutely love, and will keep using what they have always used just because it is easier, so this is a great way to discover those products you love without having to do the searching, House Box has done it for you!

I have felt the need for a while, I think since becoming a Mom, to at least try to remove unnecessary chemicals from our home so I especially love that the products in the box are natural and safe. I think a lot of people are making a shift in this direction if they aren’t already there, and House Box could definitely help introduce me to the products that I want to have more of in our home!

Here’s what was in December’s Box:

Essential 8 Organic All Purpose Cleaner:

This cleaner not only smells great but works really well & I don’t have to worry about where I use it because it is safe on all different surfaces and it is non toxic and not dangerous for my little guy.

HouseBox Review - Essential 8 Organic All Purpose Cleaner

Lunatec Odour Free Dishcloth:

This cloth is amazing, I conveniently had a pan leftover from last night’s appy supper that had baked on debris and it worked super well to scrub it off – great find! A huge bonus too is that it is odour free, I have been have a tough time with stinky cloths until I remembered the old trick of microwaving the damp cloth for a couple minutes to kill the stinky stuff! Either way I love that I won’t even have that issue with this cloth!

House Box Review - Lunatec Odour Free Dishcloth

Tupperware Citrus Peeler:

Did anyone else grow up with these? I love love love them and was so super excited to find one in my House Box!

House Box Review: Citrus Peeler


Great Canadian Soap Co. Healing Butter:

I have recently discovered a love for essential oils and was excited to see this in my box, it contains Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils which are both great for their healing and soothing properties for the skin & it is great how it comes in a little deodorant like stick which makes it super easy to apply!

House Box Review - Healing Butter


Tea Pigs: Every Day Brew & Tummy Tonic

You had me at tea on this one! I love tea and this breakfast tea is perfect, I let it brew extra strong because that’s the kind of morning it has been & it was lovely and not bitter at all. We are having another holiday feast tonight so I will try out the tummy tonic tea later!

House Box Review - Tea Pigs Tea


This is definitely something I would buy or even better – I think it would make a great gift for pretty much anyone! With a price tag of $21.95 each and going out bi-monthly this is the perfect subscription box. Right now House Box is offering 25% off of your first box & the prices do get a little lower per box if you get 6 or 12 months worth, you can see more here. It’s pretty fun to follow along with their account on Instagram & see what other people are doing with the products & you can see back to the first box in October and get more of a feel for the things that are included. You can just tell how much thought and care goes in to picking the products in the House Box!

House Box Review


As always the opinions expressed are 100% my own, I did not receive any compensation for this review but I did receive the box in order to perform this review! In case you missed my last review (which includes a giveaway too!), you can see it here!

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