Imaginary Sails

Cantaloupe Ginger Green Smoothie

Imaginary Sails - Kid Friendly Cantaloupe Ginger Green Smoothie Here is another delicious smoothie for you and yours, it is creamy and thick and so satisfying! I am super extra excited about this one because well, cantaloupe is gross. Yep, it’s not very tasty, and is the reject of fruit cups everywhere. BUT, it has many redeeming qualities that should make you want to eat it so this smoothie is a great way to get it in without really having to taste it. You are welcome!

So before we get into it, here are some of the redeeming qualities of Cantaloupe: lots of Vitamin A, which is great for vision, skin and mucus membranes (and who doesn’t want healthy mucus membranes may I ask?!). It is also chalk full of antioxidants, and a decent source of Vitamin C and B-Complex vitamins!


  • A whole entire cantaloupe
  • Two handfuls of Spinach (I always roll it in my hands and rip it to ensure it blends better)
  • Chopped Ginger to taste (I added about 3-4 tablespoons, I heart ginger)
  • Fresh lime juice from 1/2 of a lime (again to your preference)
  • A whole avocado
  • 2 Tbsp Hemp Hearts
  • Water

Instead of cutting up the cantaloupe into cubes I simply cut it in half, and use a large spoon to scoop out the seeds and then proceed to use the spoon to scoop out chunks to add to the pitcher I am going to be blending it in, it felt like it was faster but do whatever you prefer cutting into chunks will totally work too. Add torn spinach, chopped ginger – I like to chop it quite small so the stringy things aren’t long and clogging up straws, add the squeezed juice from the lime, squish in the avocado – I simply score the halves a few times then literally just squish the peel until it all comes out (because I have lots of advanced kitchen techniques like that), add the Hemp Hearts and lastly add water to just below the top of the ingredients. I love my immersion blender for smoothies like this, but if you have a half decent normal blender it will work too!

Blend and enjoy! Or, blend and put it in the fridge until tomorrow and enjoy it then! You know how some soups and lasagne and such just tastes so much more delicious the next day, well some smoothies I hardly notice it, but this one was good right after, but super awesome the next day.

Imaginary Sails - Cantaloupe Ginger Green Smoothie

Let me know what you thought of this one in the comments below, how you modified it or if I can clarify any of my instructions for you!

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