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Bonk… Unexpected Parenting ‘Quirks’

There are a lot of ways I’ve been surprised with myself as a parent, in good and bad ways, here are a few ‘quirks’ that I’ve been very aware of lately:


I think if I put a GoPro on my little mini mister’s head I would be horrified, he’s been walking without holding on to stuff for about a month and he is pretty steady on his feet. He is also top heavy (most babies are with those big cute heads right?!), he is also the perfect height to whack, bonk, graze, scrape his head on many random things that are in his heads way but not quite in his line of vision – like today it was a BBQ, yesterday (and many other days) our dining room table not to mention random face plants.

A couple years ago my sister in law told me about a friend of hers that actually got a helmet for their little guy to wear and I thought is was hilarious. And maybe a little (a lot) overkill, but now I wouldn’t laugh and could almost call it reasonable because I seriously can’t believe the abuse their little noggins endure. I might have even caught myself thinking about googling it, just to see…

This all coming from a very accident prone person who was raised being told by my Dad that ‘scars add character’ – not in a creepy way just in a they tell a story way. I want my kid to be brave and adventurous and unafraid to try new things!

Unexpected Parenting 'Quirks' stairs - Imaginary Sails
But I worry about all those bonks and if they actually cause more damage than a minute of tears and a few days with a mark. Gah – I guess that’s why their heads are so soft?

Oh and I got his skin with the nail clippers a couple weeks ago and I almost cried right along with him and still feel awful, but he was over it as soon as we got a fascinating and colourful little bandage situation applied.


I’ve also caught myself being a little weird or over bearing about food. Not that I think this is rare or unique, I’m sure (I hope) this is pretty common, I just didn’t know I would feel so very very verrrry adamant about what our little one eats. Or rather what he shouldn’t eat…  my husband may or may not get a shiver down his spine at simply the thought of letting H try a bite of a cookie or something. He KNOWS I am watching ;) . I feel like Grandparents or Aunties and Uncles can get away with a pass for a treat here and there but I do not want a treat crazed baby on my hands yet, I speak from experience – sugar is most definitely a drug of sorts.

Stylin Baby

What my little one wears. This is weird and for sure a bit vain but I do get way too much pleasure out of putting a somewhat coordinated little outfit on him. Which is weird because I am not what one would call stylish. I more or less live in leggings and t-shirts these days unless I’m actually working at my ‘real job’ – insert eye roll… ;) and even then I’ve been rocking leggings and loose dresses so if I close my eyes while drowning my sorrows in coffee I almost feel like I’m at home in my comfiest…


Oops! I remember when I was pregnant watching a couple close friends & family members struggle a bit with this and I totally didn’t get it… and they even outright told me how important it was to let Dad or anyone other than you caring for the child just do things their way, as long as no harm was being done and the end result was more or less the same just let it be. So I have actively worked on this since day one, but I’m pretty sure I fail often.

Just this morning I caught myself trying to tell my Husband (who is totally competent and very involved) not to take baby for a drive for his first nap because then this or that and blah blah blah might wreck this and that and … Just no.

Unexpected Parenting 'Quirks' pier - Imaginary Sails

It’s the worst when I can hear myself doing it and I try to shut it down but the words just keep coming out of my mouth. Makes me laugh (cackle), and cringe simultaneously.

Just because I spent the better part of a year within a few feet of the baby doesn’t mean I know best. That wasn’t even sarcasm (kind of) – babies are unpredictable and I am wrong on a regular basis when I take a guess at how our day is going to go, and babes respond differently to different people and environments so I really don’t (always) know best, just most of the time and that doesn’t mean I have to share my knowledge. … Right?!


Just kidding, I don’t think a normal exists for sleep any longer so I don’t think I can be weird about it.


What at are some things you were/ are surprised you feel strongly or unexpectedly about in regards to Parenting?

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