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6 Top Reasons to Travel

Ditch the excuses, ditch the what ifs, ditch the ‘yea, but…’, and GO SEE THE WORLD! Okay I get that it is never that simple, you don’t have to go very far to gain a new perspective, so GO SEE THE WORLD … or the next province, or state, or even town! If you do it with an open mind, seeking new experiences it really doesn’t matter how far from ‘home’ you are.

I am a huge believer that travel shapes and teaches in such important ways and everyone should do it in one way or another. This is a dialed down summary of everything I have learned travelling but I hope it gets you just as excited as I am to seek new experiences.

ONE. It teaches you so many things, about the world, about other places and most importantly about yourself. When you find yourself truly out of your comfort zone, and away from familiarity you can really understand how much bigger than you the world is. I think this is so important for keeping a healthy perspective on things. Things that once felt huge like an uncharged phone become insignificant.

The Grand Mosque in Muskat, Oman 2010

The Grand Mosque in Muskat, Oman 2010

TWO. It teaches you to live with less. When you live with just what you have in your pack for months or even weeks it changes your definition of ‘need’ and ‘want’ and it feels so good to let go of all that stuff. Seriously, when you get home from a trip, do a big purge, ride the wave of simpler living (and if you are like me and tend to come home to an empty bank account, try selling some of it). I am always disappointed in myself when this effect begins to fade and I become more attached to ‘stuff’ again.

Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala 2005

Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala 2005

THREE. Regardless of if you go a few hundred kilometres down the road or oceans away, you will meet so many people whose path you never would have crossed. This has been a major part of my memories from my travels, you might become fuzzy on the details of the places you saw, the smells, and the food (which is why travel journals are so awesome) but you will remember quite clearly certain things about people who really impacted you in one way or another and that is so priceless. For example, a traditional Thai tattoo artist? See what I mean about the foot pictures?


A beach somewhere in Thailand, 2008

FOUR. It can seriously make or break a relationship, and I don’t just mean in the context of a significant other although it does apply too. My two friends that I went worlds away with for weeks or months at a time, were probably already friends for life, but this sealed the deal. You can’t help but get to know someone pretty freakin well when you spend every single day together, making decisions, meeting other people, finding yourselves in uncomfortable situations, sharing rooms, clothes, perhaps toothbrushes ;) … So if after all that you still miss them once you get home and back to normal life, you are probably stuck with them in the best way possible.

jebel shams

Jebel Shams, Oman 2010

FIVE. The food. I don’t think I really need to expand on this.

Actually I probably should, just a bit. My first backpacking adventure was in Central America and instead of jumping right in to the local faire I ate protein bars I had brought and drank V8 Splash, and we ordered pizza everywhere we could. Although I will standby the fact that I ate the best pizza of my life in the most random place, I probably missed out on a ton of yummy and different food. (I also hope when I go to Italy one day the pizza there trumps all previous pizza experiences). I learned my lesson though and since then have been a lot more adventurous with food. … However I was not persuaded to buy whiskey with animals in it…

A few hours in Laos, 2008

A few hours in Laos, 2008

SIX. Once you are out of your comfort zone with someone you now cannot live with out, free from the weight of ‘things’, are meeting new people and eating amazing new foods you will naturally be open to many new experiences and that is the very best part. I feel like when I’ve gotten home from trips like this I have come home a much better version of myself, more carefree, more productive, more social, and more open to try or do things I wouldn’t have wanted to before because of insecurity or some other fear and that is such a good feeling. I went bungee jumping a few weeks after getting home from a three week trip to the Middle East, I didn’t hesitate for one second – I bet I would though if I went tomorrow.

Whistler Bungee 2010

Whistler Bungee 2010

Most of us are capable of a lot more than we accomplish/do/say/engage in and I really believe travelling helps us realize more potential in our lives.

What is your favorite part of travelling? Or where have you always wanted to go?

Questions, comments, or share below!

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    September 16, 2015 at 8:20 pm

    Love this post. Exactly my views on travelling as well :)

    1. Tanitha

      September 19, 2015 at 10:16 pm

      Glad you loved it! lets scoop up the babies and go backpacking ;)

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