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4 RV Lessons You Don’t Want to Learn Yourself

Here are 4 RV lessons we have learned and are still having to learn having spent all four seasons now in our Travel Trailer: 4 SEASONS = 4 LESSONS LEARNED

1. Check the Grey Water Tank Level Often!

I think we (I like to say “we” in anytime something has gone wrong just so I can share the blame with my wife and 3-year old son) have probably forgotten to do this 10 times since we started. What happens when one does not do this? Well, a back filled bathtub full of stinky gross water. (we also happen to usually have our laundry hamper in the tub so it is out of the way – double yuck!)

RV Lessons, RV Living with kids


2. Do NOT Forget to Close the Grey and Black Water Valves Before Travelling

Yes, we (yes, I’m sharing the responsibility again) did this… I payed the price. On our way down from Pemberton we stopped at a dump station, I went to loosen the drain cap and there was a “FIZZ!” then a “POP!” then a scream as I got sprayed in the face… I guess there was a bit of pressure. Anyway, not pleasant. Considering buying a full Hazmat suit just for tank emptying.


3. Roll the Awning In (or at least keep an eye on the weather)

We spent winter on the Sunshine Coast of BC. Winter there is everything but sunny. One of the things we liked to do is keep our awning extended so that things like the Stroller and shoes stay dry during that very wet time of year. This is not always a good idea in the Pacific North West. One night we had the awning out and the rain turned into snow. Luckily, we clued in on time that west coast snow is heavy and we were able to get the snow off of the awning before it was too damaged.

RV Lessons, RV camping or Full time RV living.

4. Keep Calm and Pull Along!

I do not claim to be a very good trailer maneuver-er but I thought I would be a little better than I actually am. One observation I have made is that there are a few RV parks out there that are just well… old. Old meaning small. Smaller Spaces meant for smaller older trailers, smaller roads and Bigger trees. We reserved a spot in the Lower Mainland that was supposed to be able to fit our rig. We started out by driving down to the wrong area of the RV park and getting stuck in a turn around for a good 40 min before managing to pull out.

Then we navigated through the tight little road pressed by trees and hedged in with Permanent dwellers vehicles’ on all sides. You know, those permanent RV park residents who have some how managed to claim half the RV parks lanes for their own exclusive parking and gardens?

Finally, when we made it to our spot we had probably been in the RV park for 45 minutes and I was starting to lose my cool, calm, collected demeanor. We discovered we were coming at it from the totally wrong direction. This would mean we would have to exit the Park, turn around and try again. I was a little ticked at that point. As we were pulling out, we (that shared responsibility again) missed checking the mirrors, and a big old tree added some “character” (as in scrape and dent) to the side of the trailer. We now know to either check in on time or to call ahead to find out our site number if it hasn’t already been provided. Luckily this trailer already has quite a few other “character” marks from the previous owners.

RV Lessons, Full time RV Living mistakes, RV Camping.

In Conclusion:

So ya’, everyone, keep calm, check your levels, check your valves and roll up your awnings. Learn these RV Lessons from us, not yourself!

Your fellow, humbled RVer – Bryn.

If you are curious about our journey to full time RV Living – you might enjoy this!

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