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Introducing a New Series: Friday Essentials

A New Series: Introducing Friday Essentials

SO you know the kind of nervous you get when you are introducing your boyfriend to your crazy family, or your crazy boyfriend to your best friend, this is how I feel about starting this series but even more than that I am super excited! About two months ago I found a new love and fell hard and fast for Essential Oils. I have been researching, learning and using them as much as humanly possible (and reasonable while chasing my crazy 15 month old around) and while I can’t call myself an expert I am loving what I am learning! Some of you already know about this obsession because I have done a few posts on Facebook, or maybe you have come across my Essential Oil Instagram account (I just thought it would be better to have a separate one since it is so easy for me to post constantly about EOs and I didn’t want to spam or confuse my lovely blog followers) but if you are so inclined, you can find me @eoswithtani I share information and tips on how I am using my EOs on a daily basis.

I have mentioned in some previous posts that I have become more aware of the ingredients of the products we use in our home since having Hudson, and have stuck with mostly natural products for him (this is still a daily fave & goes perfectly with a drop of essential oil in the bath!) but the more I learn the more I realize that my hubby and I should step up our game too. It can be extreme and there are a lot of loony alarmists out there, but as I research about toxic load and the havoc it can wreak on our systems, throw off our hormones, cause emotional imbalance etc., and as I learn how seriously simple (and realllly cheap) it is to replace these toxic products with solutions I can make myself, I have run out of excuses not to. I will definitely be sharing these DIYs in upcoming Friday Essentials posts!

Oh and the smell! When you inhale Essential Oils, they have immediate effects, so amazing! I have started to turn to them for an energy boost, for motivation, for a little Mommy Zen moment when I am ready to pull my hair out and collapse on the floor in defeat ;), and they have helped to stave off a few bugs this cold and flu season too! They have also been saving this Mama’s booty when it comes to teething, sore muscles, and tummy troubles, seriously true love!!!

Aromatherapy - Friday Essentials

A few house keeping things just for good measure: I am not and will not tell you that they are a magical cure all, I will go more in depth with how they work in later posts, but basically they help to support the body’s systems to work how they are supposed to function and your body will just plain old work better and do amazing things itself with that support. When using Essential Oils it is super important to ensure they are pure as well as therapeutic grade and that is the grade of oils I will be referring to. Unfortunately there is no regulating body for essential oils and a bottle only needs to contain a small percentage of pure oil to be labelled 100% pure, a good thing to check is the ingredients, there should just be one if it is pure, another thing to look at is that if and essential oil is something that is normally edible such as lemon, peppermint, lavender and it says ‘do not ingest’, that should raise your eyebrow for sure. I feel perfectly safe ingesting small amounts of pure essential oils with a little bit of  research, common sense and proper guidelines it’s perfectly fine.

If you have any questions about any or all of this please don’t hesitate to contact me! There are regulations that keep me from sharing which oils in particular I use but you can see on my Instagram (@eoswithtani), contact me directly through my blog contact page or email me at, I would love to chat about them & if you are rolling your eyes because you have been using them for years and I am over here acting like I single handedly discovered them, I would love to hear how and what you use them for!

Here are a few of my current favourite diffuser blends:

Wild Orange & Peppermint: Great for a boost mentally and emotionally, amazing to help you focus & the Wild Orange also cleanses the air (bonus!)

Grapefruit & White Fir: Just yum! Also a great Happy blend (both uplifting and grounding), you can tell it’s winter because I am obsessed with citrus at the moment!

Lavender & Cedarwood: This is a great unwinding blend, super calming & kind of lets you just exhale!

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